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Boondocking in Goosenecks

Sunrise in Canyonlands

Arches National Park

Oh What Massive Cliffs We Know Now

Dead Horse State Park

Judging Someone by their Cover

Bible Point

Custer State Park

Badlands Biking

Migration West 2020

Early Fall Colors

The North Shore

The Maiden Voyage

AI in the Dominican Republic

Welcome Back to Minneapolis

Darwin Research Center

I đź’™ Boobies

Galápagos Day 4 — Santa Cruz

Galápagos Day 3 — Pinnacle Rock

Galápagos Day 2

Galápagos Islands!!

At the Equator

Cusco Cooking!

Machu Picchu

You never know who you will meet on the Inca Trail

Into the Sacred Valley

Amazon Observations

Into the Amazon

Ladder Canyon

Merry Christmas

Post Bike Tour Quiz

Bond, James Bond... Island

Cooking with Pearly

Progressive Trivia Champions!

Sunrise to Sunset in Bagan, Myanmar

Yala Safari

Driving a Tuk Tuk in Colombo

Kochin: Houseboats and Driving

First World Problems

A Wadi Wadi tour of the Hajar Mountains

Dubai: City of Contrasts

City Life


Runestone Interactive: The Next Phase

Chapel Talk - May 7 2018

Lifelong Luther

Remembering John Carlis

A Detour on our Cording Cutting Journey

Update! Response Time Analysis of Runestone API’s

Response Time Analysis of Runestone API’s Pre/Post Spectre “upgrade”: It was a Meltdown

Understanding Entrepreneurship -- Part II -- New Beginnings

Understanding Entrepreneurship -- Lessons Learned (part I)

My Life in the Computer History Museum

Who Are We?

Fending Off “Day 2” at Luther College

Spring Break 2017

The Runestone Workshop

Bula from Likuliku Lagoon

Is this Hobbiton or Nerdvana?

A Day at the Spa... or 45 minutes of Smelling Bad Gas

No Mount Doom for You

Kayak Sailing

Only Mid Thigh

Driving the West Coast

Milford Sound

Three Days on the Routeburn Track

The Great Ocean Road

Great Barrier Reef (batman)

Hiking the Valley of the Winds

Happy New year!

Eucalyptus in the Air

Hello Nemo!

All the Christmas Presents are Early

Preparing a Data Science Curriculum

Runestone Summer Review Part I

The flood of 2016

Super Slow Motion Butterfly

What is Runestone Interactive

Wrapping up the RV Adventure

The Hike to Iceberg Lake

Slow Down You're Movin too Fast

Tie Your RV Down

Taking a Break on a Rainy Afternoon

Wardrobe Malfunction at the Hot Springs

We are older than we think

Arrival in Banff

The Worlds Largest Buffalo

Packing up and Heading Out

Prelude to a Recreational Vehicle

Biking with Blaise

Runestone the Gathering

What is Data Science?

The Bucket Dive

No Easy Solutions

Entrepreneurship and the Common Good

Organizing your Runestone Course

Talk Python to me

Day 178

Summary of Azamara Cruise

Cooking in Istanbul

Evening Concert in Ephesus

Biking in Patmos

Death March from Fira to Oia

Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik

Lake Como by Lake

rest and relaxation on lake como

saying goodbye to malta

cooking in malta

adventures with flask-cors

unexpected adventures

climbing mount etna

enjoying island life on a warm may day

writing a runestone lab the easy way

a tale of two scams: in three parts

istanbul: capital of two empires

biking in london

fa cup semifinal

homeward bound in 77 days

andalusia biking summary

biking in andalusia

Lost in the Souks

A visit to the Kasbah

A Night in the Desert

Morocco -- Sensory and Cultural Overload

Towards Web Components for Runestone

We're driving in our Car

Go Go Gozo

Cooking in Malta

I Want to be an Archeologist

Adventures of an Expat Cord Cutter

Butchers, Bakers, and Sandwiches

Ostia Antica

Vatican Day

Rome Arrival

The Gang's all here


One Night in Bangkok

Sixty Minutes of Inspiration

Siem Reap Cycling

Early Morning Temple

Lifestyle Reflections

Halong Bay

Biking and Cooking in Hanoi

Out of my Comfort Zone

The DMZ Bar

Hang Me

The Red Bridge Cooking School

The Flood Gates of Hoi An

To Market to Market

Hoi An Nighttime

The Meekong Delta

My Life as a Tunnel Rat

Ten Thousand Things you can Haul on a Motorbike

Runestone: a look ahead to 2015

Advent, Anticipation, Adventure

Is Google Bad for CS1?

Runestone Fall 2014

Version 3.0 of Runestone Interactive released

iowa startup accelerator

On the Denial of Service Attack

The Sous Vide Adventure Begins

Development Tips

PyCon 2014 Keynote Shout Out

Moving to Nikola

why moocs? why not?

Winter Skiing in the Spring

Lake Tahoe

the word of the day is malolactic

the long winter

easy publishing with runestone interactive

reflections on january 2014

on 14 inches of powder

final visits

applied math and physics

transportation cogitation

the social implications of a self-driving car

a lesson in venture capital

changing the world, jterm 2014

there is no cure for curiosity

student blogs

a golden bike ride

the starlight coastal

how many trees in the state of washington?

jterm 2014 - day 1 at amazon

envisioning the future

chapel talk - 11/4 nehemiah 13 1-3, 23-31

john riedl tribute

runestone interactive announces new editions of interactive textbooks

wow! may 2nd!  schools in the area are starting late or canceling.  what a crazy spring.

oh the insanity of it all!

making python3 my default

what most schools don't teach (by codeorg) this is a really great video, that just might inspire you to become a computer science major.

we had a small mishap this morning. a fork bomb that was meant for a virtual machine accidentally got pasted into a terminal window open to our server. now i'm having an identity crisis.

to infinity and beyond

and now it can be told

the debary institute

everyday python - new blog

vail 2013

generating a password - part 1

introducing everyday python

here's the headcam video of the zipline at icy strait.

euchre etiquette

icy strait / hoonah

type 2 fun


secrets onboard the millenium

how to think like a computer scientist interactive edition

dragonfly porn

ok, this is silly, but i was playing around with the gopro yesterday to see if it would float, and the sunfish were just absolutely fascinated with it.  the captions came to me on my bike ride this morning.  i know, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


high security

saying goodbye to namibia

almost back to windhoek

a day in the dunes


SUV in the dunes

on the road again

photo highlights from namibia

the living desert tour

lions and rhinos and springbok, oh my! etosha!

top chef challenge in etosha

computer science class

rev. p. hanock kindergarden.

a day at namibian schools

okahandja woodcarvers market


heroe's acre

our first full day in country

you must really like to fly

sal khan's commencement address - mit news office

runestone interactive

hosting a web2py app in the cloud

new commuting strategy

pizza oven

javascript the definitive guide sixth edition pdf download ebook -

iguazu falls postscript

joshua tree national park

spring break biking in indio

adding a module to skulpt

cruise wrapup part i

cruise wrapup part ii

tsunami warning!

on the high seas

cape horn


my name is ferdinand and i'll be your waiter

biking punta del este

montevideo, uruguay

buenos aires

hiking in the iguazu national park

south american beginnings

python in your browser... in javascript!

second edition of data structures book is out!

the long road home

30 rock

things i miss the most after 21 days on the road

jet lag recovery mode

premier league

we will rock you


training for the olympics

day 1 in torino

siteseeing in torino

the ryanair experience

my name is brad, i'll be your sommelier this evening

craig's death march to the invisible tower

how lindsey vonn spoiled my day in interlaken

sardines on a train

day 2, or is it 3?

heads a bobbing

guest week bill amend (foxtrot)

getting unicode right in python - nick's blog

steve sack - november 11, 2010

in praise of the two fat ladies

strange brew - november 1, 2010

dear apple

ebook man is cleaning out the library

google app engine service login

polk county biking

27 inches of bliss

a beautiful last day

now i know why ireland is so green

an even better day in connemara

connemara and castles

world cup disappointment in galway

a day in dublin

the roller derby queen in dublin

ship building lessons in stockholm

bon voyage oslo

read all about it, biking with mike is great

the nœrøyfjorden

beautiful balestrand

heavy metal in bergen

st. andrews hole in one!

a draw in edinburg

random rants on a train

adventure in the white tower

oxford, windsor and london

bath to oxford

a clean sweep of bath

off to a fast start


silicon valley 2010 - summary

a new year in silicon valley

dinner at the chefs table

airboat ride in the everglades

beautifulsoup, bonktown and growl

aquamacs 2.0 elisp fun

3 days of r&r in sedona

grand canyon - river to rim

down the colorado into the canyon

bryce canyon sunrise -- antelope canyon

angel's landing

bryce -- navajo / queens garden

phoenix to springdale

mit uses python instead of scheme for intro cs

vpython version 5

book plug

remember the milk

python + growl + remember the milk = launchbar task management

a mid-winter cycling treat

creating a group twitter repository

adding tasks to your rtm account with python

A Long Long Day

A Day in Brussels

Ancient Rome

Touring the Vatican

Mamma Mia We are in Pompei

Road Trip to Sorrento or Happy Birthday to Dad

A Day of Rest

Cinque Terre

Lunch in Sienna

Climbing Around Firenze

The Leaning Tower of Pizza

The Hill Towns of Tuscany

On to Tuscany

A Random Walk through Venice

Road Trip to Venice

Klein Matterhorn

Driving to Zermat


Rain, Rain, go Away!

Walking, Walking, Walking

The Long Road to Paris