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The conversation started like this:

Incoming: Robert, I am not available now, and I have a funeral to go to at 4, but I can meet at 5:15

Me: Sorry, wrong number no robert

Incoming: Oh, Thanks

Incoming: Did you want a boat?

Me: Yes, I had called about a boat, but I talked to Moreno

Incoming: OK, you better give me the time and details because he will forget.

This is was that our reservation to rent a boat to take around the lake on our own was confirmed with Julia.

The next day we picked up our little 16 foot boat with a 40HP Honda engine at 11AM and after confirming that I had driven a boat before I was given very brief instructions, the location of life jackets, and off we went. It was a great way to see part (a very small part in fact) of the lake.

We cruised by the villa used in James Bond's Casino Royale past the town of Magnerre by many other villas and great lake front property.


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