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Sitting in the Super 8 in Elk Grove IL, our plane leaves at 9:05 tomorrow morning. This is a new experiment for us, as usually flights to europe are overnight flights. This one will put us in London at 10:45 PM. We are hopeful that this will alleviate the jet lag on the first day. Time will tell.

Not much else to report today except that I put a big gash in the top of my head before we even left the house today. I was out scooping poop in the back yard so Josh could mow before we left. As I was walking up the yard focusing on scanning the ground ahead of me I ran smack into a low hanging branch of the Oak tree. I immediately put my hand to my head and it came away full of blood. Head wounds really do bleed a lot. After determining I would not need stitches Jane put some neosporin on the cut and that was that. My scalp itches and my head still hurts a bit. I think cutting off that limb will be a high priority project when we get back home.

We drove to chicago by way of Madison and stopped to have supper with Holly and Madeline at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. I had the caribbean jerk sauce which I thought was quite good. Not anywhere near as spicy as my burrito from Panchero's yesterday. If you guys at Panchero's down in Ankeney are reading this, I would just say you do not need to use a whole scoop of your hottest sauce in your burrito, particularly since you have become so stingy with your sour cream. This is the first thing in my life that I have not been able to eat because it was too spicy. I might also just add that this extreme amount of heat was not just my own tender palate, but was confirmed by He-man Joel Martin, who reportedly lives off Panchero's at law school. He had thoughtfully offered to finish my burrito for me, but was similarly stymied by the extreme heat. All of this just serves to remind me that I am looking forward to some good Indian food once we get to England.

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