Well, here we are on the B2 not 55km from Windhoek and the Safari Hotel.  Suddenly our coach makes a very bad noise and we begin to coast down the road.  Joey looks rather concerned.  We coast to a stop and pull over to the side of the road.  One of the few places in all of Namibia where there is almost no shoulder.  The diagnosis is dire, the clutch plate is out.  Luckily its only 1:15 in the afternoon and we are close to our destination.  David is on the phone getting another coach on its way.  This bus that we've spent so many hours with is not taking us any further.

So far we are all in good spirits.  The sun is out, the weather is nice.  We are joking about our plight and assessing our provisions.  In the cooler we have some apples, a half bottle of Riesling and one Windhoek light.  Suddenly Joey says… "I need a beer!"  We all crack up, we'd be happy to give Joey our last beer, he's been such a good sport with great humor this entire trip.

We are thankful that this little mishap happened here.  When we think of all the places this could have happened. The middle of Etosha, the middle of the desert, Each of which would be hours and hours from anywhere likely to have the ability to come and get us.  We'll be just fine, and this answers the important question of what to write about in today's blog.

UPDATE:  We're moving again, in a lovely, highly air conditioned coach.  Its just 2:55 so we were only delayed about 1:45.  When the replacement bus got here we formed a bucket brigade and transferred the luggage from one to the other in no time.  We're looking forward to arriving at the Safari and we'll still have some time to relax and refresh before we go to our dinner at Nampa and Matty's house.


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