Its Thursday morning, and the earthquake drill is over.  Not that the drill took up any of our valuable time, all we had to do was put out a white towel to indicate that we were all OK.  The block captain surveys the block and then checks in with anyone that is not flying the white flag.  Walking around the block its as if the entire community of Heritage Palms has surrendered.

Its been a fun week, here in california with our friends Jim and Karen.  We rented bikes for the week from Big Wheel bikes and we've been on several rides.  Yesterday was a favorite, we rode from our house here to La Quinta (  Its nice and flat, and through plenty of busy roads, but the bike lanes here are nice and wide and all of the drivers are courteous  towards cyclists.  The greatest thing is that there are mountains everywhere you look.

Tuesday we drove over the mountains to Temecula.  We had a beautiful view looking back into the Coachella Valley.


But a little while later we encountered some snow.  Yes, we came out here to get away from the snow only to drive into some in the mountains.  Its not nearly as bad as it is back home where the Twin Cities is getting hit with about a foot, and Kaia is getting even more than that in Moorhead.  Here's Jim, Karen, and Jane having a snowball fight.


Although we had a fun day in Temecula we didn't really find any wine to fall in love with.  The best I tasted was the Viognier at Callaway.  We had some great pizza at the Temecula Pizza Company.  Half gorgonzola and pear, half turkey and cranberry with white sauce.  We also had a small pepperoni and sausage, just for the sake of scientific comparison.

Today the plan is to go up the tram in Palm Springs and do some hiking in the mountains, then grab some lunch in downtown Palm springs.  From there who knows what the day will bring, we only have another 36 hours before we head back to the snow and cold, so we've got to make the most of it.



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