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As I write this we are just pulling in to Copenhagen Denmark aboard the Vision of the Seas. We are waiting for breakfast to be served, and looking at the awesome offshore wind turbines:

Last night was our first night aboard ship and it was really great to get in and to be able to unpack for a few days. We have a wonderful family suite on board, and that is nice because it gives us all a little of our own space for a few days. We did have a really great hotel in Oslo. The Thon Oslo Panorama, if you are looking for a hotel in Oslo at a reasonable price you would do very well here. The room that we rented was one of their studio apartments, so it had a washer/dryer and a small kitchen. It had a separate bedroom, and a living area with a pull out couch. If you need a couple days to wash clothes and rest up this is a great option.

Our Oslo activities were pretty low key. We took the ferry over to Bygdol to visit a few of the many museums. We visited a Stave church, and the viking ship museum. For me the highlight was the Kon-Tiki museum, which is dedicated to Thor Hyerdal. Hyerdal is the explorer and adventurer that made two primitive craft to travel across the Atlantic and the Pacific. The purpose was to show that it would have been possible for early residents of Africa to make it to south america, or for early inhabitants of South America to make it to the south seas. The originals of both the Kon-Tiki and the Ra-II are on display at the museum

After a day of touring we found the Scotsman Pub, which had two very large projection screens, and an assortment of fans ready to cheer for the USA. Sadly the USA put itself in a hole the first half, and although we did come back and win the game 3-2 the idiot ref disallowed the final goal and we had to settle for a 2-2 tie. Again it was great fun to be in a foreign pub with everyone cheering for USA.

After the game we walked around the downtown area, took a tram out to a huge sculpture park, and finally found some tex-mex (or as some here in Norway say mex-tex) restaurant for some comfort food.

Last night we sailed away and enjoyed a glass of champagne on our balcony

We were once again amazed by the beauty of Norway. All of the little islands with houses on them are really striking as you cruise by. It reminds you a lot of Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota only with more water than land.

I am amazed that our bodies seem to have adjusted to this latitude and the lack of darkness. I don't think that we have been to bed before midnight in well over a week, and yet we keep getting up in the morning ready to go. Last night was no exception. We had a great dinner with a family from Florida, explored the ship, tried out the casino and enjoyed some piano music. We watched Denmark play its world cup match with some fans from Sweden. The Swedes were cheering for Cameroon as they are not happy with Denmark for knocking them out of the World Cup competition.

Location:Oslo, Norway


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