Since we celebrated Christmas with Kaia, Tanner, Josh, and Rachel a week ago its a pretty quiet christmas eve. But the temperatures are decent, the lake is frozen, and so it seemed like a good time to give the fatty a try on the lake. It. was. awesome.

Temps in the 20's mean its a good time to try fatty on the ice

I rode out and around the big island. Then down to the point and back across the lake and along our shoreline. Not a very long ride, but next time I'll dress warmer, and put something across my mouth to help keep the cold air from triggering some kind of asthmatic thing with my lungs.

Even though it was only 3:00 you can see sunset coming on

2018 was a darn good year. Sad to see it go, but looking forward to an even more exiting 2019. Stay tuned.


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