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Our first full day in country and our first day of touring the Windhoek area.

We started this morning at 9:00 with most of us sleeping in until 7:30 or 8:00.  You know we needed the sleep when we were able to overcome the jet lag that quickly.  We drove through the city and into the Katatura township, We are told that this township will be positively luxurious compared to some of the others we will see.  One thing we noticed was even though the poverty was obvious, there was very little litter and trash on the ground.  Everywhere you look you see tiny little shops, barber shops, hair salons, cell phone shops, Bars that are just big enough for a few people to squeeze in.

From Katatura we continued on the Penduka.  This is a sort of Women's collective where they make and sell all kinds of hand crafts.  Of particular interest was how they refashion old glass bottles into jewelry, particularly beaded jewelry.  The picture shows the kiln used to melt the glass and to fire the pottery.  We got a full tour of the place, and met a few of the women working on different projects.



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