When we arrived the parking log at Mesa Arch was nearly full and it was not yet 6:30AM. It is a short hike back from the lot and we were greeted with a lineup of people already in position with their tripods.

As the minutes stretched out the horizon began to glow and the stars began to disappear. More people began to show up and everyone was just whispering to each other so as not to break the spell of beauty.

As the time for sunrise 7:25 got closer and closer the noise level behan to rise as the excitement for the sun to appear continued to grow. When the sun did appear, right on time someone made the comment, "Wow those scientists really know their stuff. #SCIENCE." It gave me my first chuckle of the morning.

Not long after this people started to leave, back to their campers for coffee and eggs. We stuck around a little longer to enjoy the beautiful light in the canyon below the arch.

It was really hard to let go of the scene, but the day awaits us. Later this morning we will leave Dead Horse state park and head to an RV park in the heart of Moab. We are Looking forward to trying some brews at the brewery.


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