What a great day for a bike ride! We rented some bikes at Blazing Saddles, right next to the hotel. Then took off for the golden gate bridge. It was a beautiful day and no surprise, the bike paths were very crowded with all kinds of people enjoying the outdoors and the scenery.

About half of the group above rode across the bridge and back. Here is me leading the pack.

The other half followed me further on into Sausalito, with the goal of making it to Muir Woods. The second half of the trek started off very nicely with a long downhill. which was quickly followed by a steep uphill. All well and good until my riders started to figure out that "what goes down must be climbed back up!" The ride flattened out through Sausalito and beyond so it was a nice easy ride for a while. But it was getting to noon, and we'd already ridden about 12 miles. I misunderstood the directions from the bike shop and thought we had about 12 more to go. So, since the guys all had tickets to Alcatraz and had to be ready to board by about 3:30 we decided to turn back short of our goal. It turns out we were much closer and could have made it to the redwoods! Bummer.

In any case, we rode just over 25 miles, and it sure felt good to be on a bike outside again!


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