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When I moved this blog to Octopress in January, it was inspiring in many ways. There were two things that slightly bugged me.

  • Octopress is entirely too ruby based. Rake, and all of that made me feel bad, like I was cheating on Python. Surely there must be a similar tool in the Python world I thought to myself.
  • Octopress uses markdown. I really like my restructuredText, and its just a bit irritating to have to think about the differences when I want to do a blog post.

Well, this weekend I found a couple of new static blog site generators that were python based, and after playing around with Pelican, and Nikola I settled on the move to Nikola. I really like the image galleries and slideshows that are built in, and I feel like I can jump in and start hacking if something develops that I really want to change. Plus, having already hacked a bunch of restructuredText directives, I know I can extend my blogging tool to do all kinds of fun things.


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