After a solid week of the mailman bringing various doo-dads for the new camper, we were finally ready for its maiden voyage. The timing could not have been better as we were there on the first day the campground was open. Our destination was Copper Falls State park.

The new Q7 performed very well in pulling the Rockwood 2104S Camper, and Jane backed it into our campsite like a pro. 15 minutes later we were level, stable, and electrified. The only setup hitch came as we learned that filling the fresh water tank on an incline does not lead to a full tank of fresh water.

The campground has a fantastic hike along the Bad River with a very scenic view of where the Bad and the Tyler Forks rivers join forces. Here we are with friends Brian and Holly on one of the scenic overlooks.

And here is a selfie of Jane and I with one of the many waterfalls in the background.

Overall the trip was a great success. For a camper that is really designed for two the four of us had a great time. A few minor bumps along the way that required a little electrical work to fix the outlet for the water heater, and another electrical bump with the voltage supplied to our backup camera, but that all seems part of the drill when you go camping. It will get easier and easier as we get more comfortable operating all of the devices.


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