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Our second stop of the day yesterday was at the Rev. P. Hanock Kindergarden.

This 'school' was a metal building that was a maximum of 12 feet by 12 feet and barely tall enough for Josh Martin to stand in.  This school housed 24 students, about half of which had chairs to sit in.  The students were prepared for us to come, and gave us a concert and a number of demonstrations of their ability to count, and name the colors and the shapes.  It was really impressive and they were all so eager to show off their knowledge.  From the very beginning they instill in these learners the importance of knowledge and going to school. "Knowledge is our future" they sing.

In addition to this small classroom there are outhouse facilities donated by Luther alums Orv and Cathy Johnson. The Luther connections here in Namibia are many and strong.  It is almost heartbreaking to see what a relatively small amount of money by American standards can accomplish over here.  We left the kindergarden some blocks and a soccer ball.  The look on the children's faces when they emerged from the building to kick the ball around was another of those moments that make you realize what this trip is all about.


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