Goosenecks state park in Utah has, no electric hookup, no water, and no dump station for our black or gray water, and no lights. What it does have are eight incredible camp sites with unparalleled views of the desert plateau and the river. You have probably seen photos of “Horseshoe Bend” in the Colorado River, Gooseneck is that -- times three! Our site was situated right at the end of one of those bends and our campsite was right on the edge of the cliff looking down into the river

We arrived at Goosnecks just after lunch time, so we made ourselves a quick salad lunch and ate it in our lawn chairs right at the edge of the cliff. Our most beautiful lunch location yet.

After lunch we took a little drive. Jane has the soul of a jeep owner and always wants to take our car onto the most interesting side roads -- most of them unpaved! In this case the drive was through the Valley of the Gods scenic backcountry area. It is 17 miles of dirt/gravel road. It was slow going but very pretty. But mostly I was grumpy as I was wishing that I was on my fat tire bike instead of experiencing this inside of a car!

After the drive we just took it easy around the campsite. I took my bike to the far end of the campground to take a picture of our campsite looking back over the canyon.

Soon it was happy hour and I tried a Gin and Tonic with my new Gin from Moab. It is a barell finished gin so it has a slightly dark tint to it and is just on the edge of having a whisky like taste. I started marinating some pork for supper and soon happy hour stretched out into sunset.

After dinner we got to really enjoy the lack of light pollution and enjoy the stars! The Milky Way was in full view from horizon to horizon! We attempted some night photography to capture the beauty but it really doesn’t do it justice. The night sky was our entertainment for the night and so we turned in knowing that we would head out for Sedona, AZ early.


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