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Two days of skiing at Tahoe are in the bag, but what a difference between the two days. Yesterday we got the true spring skiing experience. It was cool and crusty in the morning and a bit slushy in the afternoon. Its been a pretty bad winter here in Tahoe so a lot of the runs were not accessible. In the morning we went up the Stagecoach express and turned left, to try the Stagecoach run. It was the worst skiing I have ever experienced in my life. Thankfully, we learned the trick. Stay on the groomed runs! Once we figured that out the day was a blast, if a bit repetitive. One thing you can't beat is the views. Bright sunny day, clear blue sky, good friends to ski with. What could be better?

I also love this photo for all of the layers. High clouds, low clouds, shadows of clouds on the brown/green valley floor below.

Overnight, the winds kicked in, and the snow came down. Up to eight inches in the higher elevations. This made for a second day of mid-winter like skiing. Suddenly, all the runs that were not good yesterday were very ski-able with a fresh layer of snow. The only downside was that the winds and snow continued. We were told in the morning that all the lifts might have to shut down, at some point because thunder (and lightning) were in the forecast for the day. I've never thought about being up on a ski lift in a thunderstorm before but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to be there.

In any case, if they do shut down certain of the lifts, then you are in trouble anyway...


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