Having grown up in Minnesota, it is a little surprising to me that when I say we went to the North Shore how many people want to know the North Shore of What? There has never been any question about where the North shore is to someone from the Midwest. It is that stretch of Lake Superior starting in Duluth and Stretching to Grand Portage.

Last weekend we had a wonderful time exploring the entire length. We spent Friday and Saturday nights in Two Harbors at a city campground. It was nice, not many trees, but a great spot to start some bike rides and easy access to Castle Danger Brewing!

Sunday we moved to a site in Gooseberry Falls state park. It had been raining all morning, but we had a nice two hour window to do some hiking. It was a great 4 mile hike and we just made it before the rains came again. Thankfully the temperature also dropped to a very comfy mid-70’s after the rains.

Monday we visited Palisades overlook and hiked a bit in Tetegouche state park. The sun came out and so we got to try out our Solar Panels as we were off the grid for the day. I also got a big blister between my toes, so I think its probably time to look for some better hiking shoes. Later that day we moved to Cascade River state park for our last two days. We took the afternoon easy to rest my blisters. Somehow I also got shin splints. But now I sound like an old man complaining about my ailments!

Wednesday we headed north all the way to the point of the arrowhead in Minnesota. Grand Portage, we could see Canada just across the Pigeon River.

We also had some beautiful views of Isle Royale!

We had lunch in Grand Marais and walked around a bit. Sadly the famous Sven and Ole’s pizza place was closed due to a “severe staffing shortage” so we missed out on that. We’ll definitely have to go back. I think we barely scratched the surface of all the beauty.

Wednesday we stopped and did a very short Shovel Point hike

It may have been short but it was definitely beautiful!


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