The hike to Emerald Lake may be one of the most scenic hikes I have ever done. It was about two miles from the Bear Lake parking lot and we walked around two other lakes on our way in the golden hour of morning sunlight. The trail was not paved and fairly narrow, not even wide enough for two of us to walk side by side very comfortably.

The thing that really struck me about this hike was how many people were wearing their cover. At least 90% of the people we met on the trail, outside, were wearing a mask. Lots of people had them on as a “chin strap,” until they saw you coming on the trail and then up the masks went. Being out on the trail like that I really felt the sense from everyone that they were saying that they cared about the health and well being of others by the simple act of wearing a mask. Thank you kind strangers!

For those that didn’t I found myself getting a little judgmental. What makes you better than the rest of us that you won’t wear a mask? Dear God, are you a Trump supporter making a statement? Note this is during the time that our "dear" president should be in quarantine due to his own active case of COVID-19. It is just the day after his infamous photo op on the white house balcony, where he rips off his mask! I'm sure some of the non-mask wearers were perfectly nice people, some may have not thought about it thinking they were outside, but most just seemed so indifferent!

But enough of the politics of mask wearing. The scenery was amazing. Here are some of my favorites from the hike. Yes just some!

Ok, sorry, that was a lot but it is really hard to pick!


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