Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) 2017 is done. Another great few days of meeting colleagues from around the country and talking about computer science education. This year was a little different because Paul Resnick, Barb Ericson, and I conducted a workshop on teaching with the runestone eBooks. We had a nice group of educators who mostly had no experience using eBooks before but were enthusiastic participants.

In addition to getting to introduce Runestone to a bunch of new people the benefit of the workshop was that it also allowed us to "eat our own dogfood" and write a short book introducing Runestone. Introducing Runestone with Runestone! This is a great start on what should be a very nice resource for new instructors.

For now, I'm going to link to it as we presented it at the workshop, but it will definitely change over time as we make it more general.

Have a look Runestone Users Guide


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