We left Glenwood Springs this morning and headed into Utah! The stark difference between Utah and Colorado is just stunning. Both beautiful but in such different ways.

I was attempting to participate in the Concordia College board of regents meeting on my phone and iPad from the car but the signal gets a bit spotty when you get into the canyonlands.

Moab was a mad house! Road construction and crowds of people showing up for the marathon this weekend created a traffic jam that was miles long! Because our campsite does not have water we had to navigate the craziness to find the gas station that gives away drinking water. We were the third camper in line when we showed up.

Then we had to navigate back through all the traffic again to go to Dead Horse State Park. After getting the camper situated we headed out to hike the west rim trail.

Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Beautiful horseshoe bend in the river.
A Dead Horse selfie
A Dead Horse View
A Dead Horse View


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