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The goals for today were... See Rodin's thinker in the Rodin gardin, visit the Musee D'Orsay, Visit the Versailles palace, and go up the Eiffel tower. When we left the apartment it was nice although a bit cool. We went to the marketplace again and got pain, gruyere fromage, jambon, and cherries. We carried our breakfast thinking we would eat it in the garden, but the garden was not public and we didn't want to spend any time in the musee so we continued to the Orsay. We ate our breakfast in front of the musee and then went in.

Once again the Rick Steve's commentaries were really good. I learned more about realism, and impressionism than I ever knew before. Renoir, Monet, Manet, Whistler, Rodin, it was really good. D'Orsay used to be a train station and the huge high arching ceiling is still preserved.

When we finished we noticed that it had started to rain, so we decided to take the train straight out to Versailles. On the way, we passed the statue of liberty, it looks just like the one in New York except it is on the river here in France.

By the time we reached Versailles the weather was really cold and rainy. We dashed across the street to get some food at McDonalds! The bacon on the burgers was excellent! After lunch we tried to start walking but it was so cold and rainy we turned right around and ran back into the mall. We found a souvenir shop that had some sweatshirts, we bought 4 sweatshirts and 2 umbrellas. We have vowed that we will do better at checking the weather forecast for the day in the future.

The Versailles palace was moderately interesting. Admission included an audio tour but it was not nearly as interesting as the Rick Steves guides. The rooms were interesting but the commentary most mostly about who made the furniture when, and how many coats of laquer were applied. Not so intersting unless you are a furniture maker. We did learn more about the history of Louis XIV, XV, and XVI which was good. We stayed through 2/3 of our tour but the line to get into the kings chambers in the main hall was just too long to stand in during a cold rain so we headed back and took the train back to town.

Once back in town we came to the apartment to rest and relax a bit.

Dinner tonight was at a Bistro down the road. Kaia and I had Chicken Shishkebab with curry sauce, Jane had Duck with honey sauce, Josh had Beef rib, which was a ribeye steak. Again it was all good. After dinner we had a chocolate crepe and a crepe with sugar, almonds, cinnamon and citron (lemon juice). A great desert.

So far the best part of the trip is....

  • Kaia: Notre Dame, the food in general
  • Josh: Notre Dame except I had to pee really bad, and the crepes
  • Mom: Notre Dame
  • Dad: Musee D'Orsay


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